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DÉBAUCH is a monthly EDM dance night with full on BDSM play party in a sex positive venue in Baltimore M.D. where the venue is dress to impress, nudity is perfectly allowed.

If you're into Industrial, Synthpop, EBM, House, Electro, D&B, Dubstep or almost any other Electronic Dance Music; our experienced DJs will be sure to get you moving. If you have suggestions/requests please submit them here so we can fulfill them for you.

If you're curious/into Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Submission, Sadism &/or Masochism, we will have experience players in the fields of Flogging, Rope, Fire Fleshing &/or Cupping, Needles, Knives for your enjoyment to watch and/or to play.

With the speakers more around club night levels, and event staff that is accustomed to BDSM play during loud music, you will have a nightclub and a play party rolled into one in a welcoming, safe, and well supplied dungeon.

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