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Rules of Conduct:

Phone Rules ~ IMPORTANT
No cell phones, cameras or recording devices of any sort are allowed in the main club area, including any type of smart phone, ipad, tablets of any brand. Cell phones may be used in the lobby area only. With the latest technology, it's just a matter of a few seconds and one or two clicks on these devices to take and post videos and pictures to social media websites. We take our and your privacy very seriously. Please remember to not pull out your phone to text anybody, or check your calendar, or email, or... anything. Please understand when we ask you to immediately put away said item if you've forgotten this policy.

  1. No one under eighteen years of age is allowed in the club.
  2. No means no! Consent is key; all play is consensual, and no one is required to play at any event.
  3. The house safeword is red. Due to the volume, the hand signal for red is rapidly opening and closing both hands at the same time.
  4. Absolutely no cell phone use beyond the lobby area.
  5. Always practice safer sex. Your sexual health is your responsibility.
  6. Do not touch anyone in any way without express permission; there is no room for implied or assumed consent.
  7. Always treat all other attendees, their belongings, and the venue with the utmost respect.
  8. Confidentiality is important to many in the community. Respect others’ privacy on the outside; keep the fun on the inside – it is required that you are completely discreet in appearance outside the venue.
  9. There is never to be use or possession of any illegal drugs at events; do not bring any drugs in or near the venue. Violators will be immediately removed and asked not to return.
  10. Do not invade scene space; keep a respectful distance at all times.
  11. Never join a scene, either verbally or physically, unless specifically asked, even if it appears others are doing so.
  12. Do not interrupt anyone while they are in a scene or during their aftercare.
  13. Please keep conversation to a low volume in the play space.
  14. No “messy” play such as scat or watersports; bloodplay should be confined to the medical play area.
  15. No animals involved in scenes.
  16. Please clean up thoroughly after your scene; blankets, towels, chux, and cleaning supplies are provided at stations around the play floor.
  17. Please do not congregate in front of the building. There is a lounge inside for smokers and vapers.
  18. Raise all concerns with @Grayhelix (Joe), @Mac (Mac), or one of the event DMs.

Rules specific to DÉBAUCH:

  1. There is a safe smoking spot directly out the side exit, instead of out front. Please use it as a courtesy to the non smokers, and to our neighbors.
  2. Always respect a persons personal space. This includes getting too close to "scene's". We want you to watch and enjoy, but be mindful of your distance and eye contact.
  3. If you have any issues, at any time, for any reason. Let a staff member know. Our goal is to provide you with the safest atmosphere possible.


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